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Ратушный Николай Александрович

Ratushnyy Nikolay

Craniofacial surgeon, The head of the Department of «Craniofacial, plastic and reconstructive surgery», the chief specialist of the Ministry of health in Zabaikalsky Krai on the specialty «Craniofacial surgery», «Plastic surgery»


Chita, ul. Kokhanskogo-7 "Regional Clinical Hospital", 9 th floor, Department of Maxillo-Facial, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

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Advice by phone: 89144670229

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Education and trainings

2006 – graduated from Chita State Academy of Medicine, a degree with honors

2006-2007 – clinical residency on General Surgery chair. Due to the employment was transferred to clinical internship

08.2007-03.2008 – the specialty «Craniofacial surgery» on chair of surgical stomatology in Chita State Academy of Medicine, a degree with honors

2010 – primary retraining in "Plastic surgery"

2012 – professional retraining, the cycle "Modern Rinoplastika" on the basis of SPB MAPO

Specialization and performed surgeries

Now deals with issues of recovery surgery in oncology on the basis of the Regional Oncological clinic, treatments of post-traumatic craniofacial deformations, performs microsurgical and aesthetic operations

Rendes emergency and planned aid to the inhabitants of Zabaykalsky Krai with plastic and craniofacial surgeries – craniofacial, jaws fractures, pyoinflammatory diseases, etc.

Active member of SPRAS

Takes part in conferences and congresses on reconstructive and aesthetic surgery

Professional retrainings

04.2013 – «The Aesthetic Meeting 2013», ASAPS, New York

06.2012 – Dissektsionny course "Beauty Anatomy", ISAPS, St. Petersburg

06.2012 – "The international course on plastic surgery and low-invasive techniques of rejuvenation", ISAPS, St. Petersburg

05.2012 – "The 7-th International course on Mammoplasty", Villa Bella Clinica, Italy

12.2011 – "The 2-nd international school on plastic surgery and cosmetology", Moscow

06.2011 – "The national congress on plastic surgery", ISAPS, St. Petersburg

06.2010 – "The 6-th International course on plastic surgery, face rejuvenation and body techniques", Yekaterinburg

02.2010 – "The 14-th Intensive course on plastic and reconstructive surgery", SPRAS, Moscow

06.2008 – "The 5-th International course on plastic surgery", Yekaterinburg

05.2008 – "A course on endoscopic and reconstructive surgery", the Kazan state Medical Academy of Post-degree education, Kazan