Forehead lift

Forehead lift

Can be performed as an isolated procedure or in conjunction with rhytidectomy.

The forehead lift allows to smooth the wrinkling of the forehead skin, the deep vertical creases between the eyebrows, improves the brow contribution to the hooding of the upper eyelids and other. To special cases refer the correction of the deformed areas of a frontal bone.  

Forehead lift – there are two basic approaches – coronal (is performed through an incision in the scalp extending from ear to ear within the hairline) and endoscopic (more minimally invasive technique, utilizing multiple small incisions within the scalp and elevating the forehead without skin or scalp resection by fixing the skin in an elevated position to the bone of the forehead).

  • is carried out under local anesthesia;
  • lasts no more than 2 hours;
  • you can leave the clinic in 1 day after the surgery;
  • stitches are removed within 7-10 days after the surgery;
  • the convalesce period – from 2 to 3 weeks.

You will see the final result in 2-3 months

Possible complications:

  • hypostasis of the forehead skin and hypodermic hemmorrhages – disappear within 2 or 3 weeks after the surgery;
  • postoperative hems – are noticeable only at very short hairdress.


It is not recommended to the patients with violation of blood coagulability and also suffering from chronic diseases. Smoking patients have to give up smoking within two weeks before the operation.

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