Intimate plastic

Genital plastic surgery

Recently women have become more aware of differences in female genital appearance due to media exposure. Sexual appeal is one of the most major factors defining the quality of human life. By means of genital plastic surgery it is possible to restore harmony in sexual sphere of life.

Labioplasty (labia reduction) – is surgery procedure to reduce the size and reshape the labia minora (inner lips) and labia majora (outer lips) to achive more natural appearance. An abnormally enlarged labia can be caused by pregnancy and childbirth or even some sports or hormonal effects.

  • is carried out under local anesthesia;
  • lasts no more than 1 hour;
  • you can leave the clinic within 4 hours after the surgery;
  • stitches are selfresolvable within 2 weeks;
  • sexual relationship can only be resumed within 6 weeks after the surgery.

For patients

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