For patients

How to prepare to your surgery

2 weeks before the surgery:

  • it is recommended to take vitamins;
  • the diet with low content of salt, spicy food and caffeine is recommended;
  • drugs – avoid aspirin/ibuprofen type analgesics,  contraception, vitamins E/C;
  • essential to stop smoking and to refuse alcohol since it inyerferes with healing of postoperative herms.

1 week before the surgery:

  • it is recommended to refrain from hair coloring;
  • the surgery can not be carried during the menstruation;
  • sunbathing is not recommended.

3 days before the surgery:

  • avoid physical activities and sports.

12 hours before the surgery:

  • the last meal has not to be later than 18:00;
  • sleep well.

the day of the surgery:

  • do not eat or drink anything;
  • choose convenient clothes and shoes;
  • you can take a shower, but avoid using any cosmetics;
  • come to a clinic with a good mood.